Postcardy 2.0 is a newer version of my Postcardy.com website and postcardy.blogspot.com blog, but it is an adjunct, not a replacement for them. It is a combination of the features that I originally planned for my website and blog.  Postcardy.com was planned to have short articles about various topics in my postcard collection, while my blog was planned to focus on individual postcards. Both ended up straying from their original purposes.

The posts on Postcardy 2.0 will include posts about individual postcards (the Spotlights category), brief posts about multiple cards on a specific topic (the Topical category),  more comprehensive articles (the Featured category),  and postcard galleries (the Gallery category).

The main reason I am starting Postcardy 2.0 is that I can no longer use my old Dreamweaver software that I used to build and maintain Postcardy.com.  I was hoping to find something to replace Dreamweaver, but I couldn’t find anything suitable and easy to use. Instead of redesigning Postcardy.com, I am adding this WordPress site and linking it to Postcardy.com. Postcardy.com will remain “as is” for as long as is practical. A page with links to my other postcard sites can be found in the top menu bar, “More Postcardy Sites.”

About the header image on this page: I made this digital collage by scanning some of the postcards in my postcard collection. I was planning to use it as a header on my main page, but I didn’t like the way it clashed with and distracted from the image in my post.


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