Kodak Girl Velox Postal

Kodak Girl Velox Postal, circa 1911

This postcard, which features the “Kodak Girl” and  advertises Kodak’s Velox paper, is one of my favorites. There are preprinted Kodak advertising messages on both the front and back of the postcard touting the ease and fun of making and sending Velox postals.

The message on the front is as follows:

On the bright days I Kodak; on the rainy days I print these Velox postals – that makes all the days bright.

The back has a Velox stampbox, the name of an Ontario dealer,  and the following message:

Your own vacation fun will be doubled if you take along a Kodak to photograph the interesting places and people and the folks at home will enjoy the Velox postals you can send them.
Its all very simple – no dark room you know. Let us show you.

Kodak model 3A cameras were used to make postcard size negatives that could be contact printed on Velox paper postcard stock using artificial light. Velox paper was not very sensitive to light, so a darkroom was not needed.

Kodak issued other Velox postal advertising postcards around 1910. Many of these are shown on the Kodak Girl website. The Kodak Girl website also has examples of Kodak Girl magazine ads and covers, sheet music, etc. The image below is a colorized version of the Kodak Girl featured on my postcard (source: Pinterest)

Kodak Girl Magazine Ad, circa 1911

Let Kodak keep a picture record of your every outing. There’s a new pleasure in every phase of photography–pleasure in the taking, pleasure in the finishing, but most of all, pleasure in possessing pictures of the places and people you are interested in.

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6 Responses to Kodak Girl Velox Postal

  1. Whow, it’s like an earlier version of polaroids! I’d never heard of these. Thanks!


  2. This is an interesting post. I had not previously heard of the Kodak Velox postcards, which seem a great idea for that time. Makes you realize how far we’ve come photographically now that many of us are carrying around a high-end digital camera in our smartphones. These postcards were likely the Facebook-style communication of their day!


  3. smkelly8 says:

    Great Kodak girl!


  4. tony zimnoch says:

    ‘all the days bright’& ‘no dark room’ would be offers hard to refuse. Plus a friendly face that makes this a near perfect way to promote Kodak.


  5. It’s interesting that the advertising company attempted to make “Kodak” into a verb. Sadly the Kodak brand diminished when it failed to understand how digital technology would overtake film.


  6. Very interesting! I will pass this along to people at the Berlin (now Kitchener) Ontario Postcard club. Also, here’s my blog about Guelph (near Kitchener) postcards: http://guelphpostcards.blogspot.com


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