Twin City Lines Early Twentieth Century Streetcars

Union Station, Minneapolis, Minn.

These postcards show early 20th century streetcars operated by Twin City Lines (Twin City Rapid Transit Company) of Minnesota. These streetcars ran in and between the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, west to Lake Minnetonka, and east to Stillwater.

The postcard above shows the old Union Railroad Depot  that was built in 1883. It was replaced by the new Great Northern Station (shown below) that was built across the street on Hennepin Avenue in 1913.

Great Northern Passenger Station, Minneapolis, Minn.

Hennepin Avenue is one of the main streets of downtown Minneapolis.

Hennepin Avenue, East from Sixth Street, Minneapolis, Minn.

Robert Street is one of the main streets of downtown St. Paul.

Robert Street, St. Paul, Minn. (Ryan Hotel to the left)

“Twin City Sight Seer” Car at Indian Mounds Park, St. Paul, Minn.

The next two postcards show views along the way from Minneapolis to Lake Minnetonka, a distance of about 15 miles.

Among the Cornfields on Minneapolis- Lake Minnetonka Electric Line

Gibbs Lake, on Minneapolis-Lake Minnetonka Electric Line

The last postcard shows a view between St. Paul and Stillwater.

Rattlesnake Curve at McKusicks Lake Near Stillwater, Minn. (Twin City Lines)

These postcard views were all published by V. O. Hammon Publishing Company of Minneapolis and Chicago. V. O. Hammon also published additional views of Twin City Lines streetcars as well as the streetcar boats operating on Lake Minnetonka. Below is a display board I entered at the Minnesota State Fair in 2013 that includes some of the other views.



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6 Responses to Twin City Lines Early Twentieth Century Streetcars

  1. La Nightingail says:

    A great set of postcards right on the mark with the prompt. I especially like the countryside scenes featuring streetcars as they’re not familiar sights to me in that all the streetcars I’ve ever seen operate on city streets only. Interesting.


  2. A Terrific Collection! I love the colors on these street scene postcards. They are based on B&W photos but I suspect the actual colors were less vibrant. The artists have left out the web of overhead electric lines that powered the streetcars. Those country side lines must have been a pleasant commute too.


  3. Wendy says:

    I really enjoyed these postcards. Some of the lines look very rural. I thought streetcars were just city transportation. I’m not sure I gave much thought to how people got from the country to the city – horse? train? car?


  4. Ok, I’m officially jealous of that State Fair blue ribbon 🙂 I have yet to win one, but still trying. Congrats on that achievement! The postcards are remarkable, particularly the ones of the streetcar headed out into the country.Very unique. Great post!


  5. Tony Zimnoch says:

    WoW! There is something profoundly beautiful & relaxing about these (watercoloured? ) cards.
    More “art” than “travel”!


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