Happy Holidays from Shapleigh Hardware Co.

This holiday postcard advertising Shapleigh Hardware Company’s Diamond Edge tools was sent on December 24, 1915.

Hardware Dealers’ Magazine, Volume 46 of 1916 had an article on Hardware Christmas Greetings in which Shapleigh’s Christmas card and its verse were mentioned. According to that magazine, The Shapleigh Hardware Co., St. Louis, Mo. furnished their salesmen a handsomely colored Christmas card in the shape of an open book, upon the pages of which greetings were inscribed. The timeless message of sharing bears repeating:

Merrie Christmas!
When at this little card you look
You’ll smile to see so big a book,
With earnest wishes–verse and prose,
That we to you and yours would send
For happiness that has no end,–
For health and wealth and joy of living
For power of having and of giving.
Happy New Year!
One New Year’s wish we would include,
Lest vain regrets some day intrude,–
‘Tis that while life runs still and smooth
You’ll ne’er forget this simple truth,–
That what you have and what you get
Will bless you most if you will let
Your good be shared by other folks
Whom old Dame Fortune aye o’erlooks.

The Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis existed in various forms from the mid-19th to the mid-20th century. For its history, see Brief History of The Shapleigh Hardware
Company published by The Hardware Companies Kollectors Klub.

Hardware Dealers’ Magazine, Volume 41  reported in 1914 that the  company was celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary  of its Diamond Edge trademark. The slogan “Diamond Edge is a Quality Pledge” was of more recent origin, said to have been first used in 1909.


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