To the Loved Ones at Home

This week’s Sepia Saturday 389 prompt, which shows a young girl sitting at at a desk writing, has given me a good excuse to post one of my favorite old postcards. My  postcard above shows a cute little girl writing a post card to her “dear Father and Mother.” This postcard not only shows a cute little girl, but embodies two of my favorite postcard collecting themes: postcards about postcards and letter writing. In addition, the little girl reminds me of my mother’s childhood, when big hair bows were the style for little girls, and my childhood, when I had a play letter writing set with fake stamps.

Another related theme is what I call “To the Loved Ones at Home” or “To My Dear…” Several different postcard publishers issued series with cards especially for various family members, “dearest friends,” sweethearts, etc. These postcards featured designs made up of large letters and colorful flowers. A few of these cards are shown below.


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12 Responses to To the Loved Ones at Home

  1. That is a wonderful first card, and I love how the bottle of ink has overturned and poured down to floor but the little letter-writer is in deep concentration and seems unaware or unconcerned about t.


  2. Wendy says:

    Are there lots of postcards about postcards? Interesting! I imagine it’s rather run being on the lookout for those.


  3. These are lovely cards, particularly that first one! I have seen versions of the mother-and-violets cared before, but the others are new to me. Thanks for sharing part of your amazing collection.


  4. La Nightingail says:

    Hey – good to see you here! That first postcard is a gem and goes very nicely with the prompt. And the others are lovely. Too bad we don’t have pretty postcards like those anymore.


  5. kristin says:

    I didn’t notice all that ink pouring on the floor! Yikes! I have blank postcards and often print my own these days.


  6. A terrific match! The colors are very strong and vibrant. When were these produced? Were they printed in Germany?


  7. Scotsue says:

    A lovely and original interpretation of this week’s prompt theme.


  8. Barb Rogers says:

    I enjoyed the first card immensely, noticing that ink right away. It triggered a very ancient memory of mine, that of writing cursive “fake” letters while my mother wrote her mother at the same time. Once I learned to read and write “printing” I probably lost interest in my cursive attempts.


  9. Little Nell says:

    A colourful and interesting card. I hope she too was only playing, or I’d be wondering why her parents had left her at home whilst they went on a trip.


  10. boobook48 says:

    The first postcard is a perfect match for the theme. I can see why you like it.


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