Colorful Mid-Century GE Kitchen Appliances

In the 1950s, color was  the newest trend in kitchen appliances. Nowadays, it is hard to find appliances with any real color. These advertising postcards all show GE appliances from the mid- to late-1950s. The dates have been estimated from similar ads featured in print publications. Below each image is the text from the back of that card.

The first four cards are standard size. They show “Built-in” and “Color-Style” kitchens “for Living.”  These are circa 1955-1956.

Built-In Kitchens — for Living . . . This kitchen created a sensation when it was featured editorially in America’s largest circulation magazine. To the left is G-E’s new Elexctric Kitchen Center combining washer-dryer, Disposall, dishwasher and range under a one-piece stainless counter top. At the right is the wall refrigerator-freezer which hangs on the wall like a picture.


Built-In Kitchens — for Living . . .Here is advance design in kitchen appliances available today. In the upper left is the new wall type refrigerator-freezer5; the right wall is the Electric Kitchen Center with automatic washer-dryer, Disposall, dishwasher and range under a one-piece stainless steel top. An auziliary wall oven is at the right.


Color-Style Kitchens — for Living . . . Turquoise is today’s most popular kitchen color. Note the built-in oven and the convenient range surface units. The lower part of the refrigerator is a big 4 Cu. Ft. freezer. Turquoise is one of General Electric’s new Mix-or-Matche colors, the others being Canary Yellow, Petal Pink, Cadet Blue and Woodtone Brown.


Color-Style Kitchens — for Living . . .Here is an example of kitchen compactness, enhanced in beauty with G-E’s new Mix-or-Matche colors. This one-wall arrangement includes Disposall, Dishwasher, Space-Maker Range, Refrigerator and ample cabinet area. Canary Yellow is a warm color, ideal for kitchens facing north or west.


The postcards below are circa 1958 and are wider than standard size, measuring 3½ x 6¼ inches.


GARDEN PARTY KITCHEN . . . This kitchen brings the magic of an enchanting vacation right into your home. Bright with brilliant tropical beauty-brimming with livability and elegant ease. A room in which to work culinary wonders — a holiday-everyday haven for gracious living.


MERRIE MANOR KITCHEN . . . An around-the-clock room that offers informal fun for the entire family. Beside the handy anack counter there’s a hi-fi setting, desk area — everything for hours of enjoyment — a kitchen where the “cook” can be a part of the party.


NAUTICAL ‘N NICE KITCHEN . . . New active leisure in this sun-blessed companion-kitchen. Yes, it’s a delightful companion for doing, because it’s filled with work-saving wizardry for free and easy living. Great as all outdoors for get-togethers with all its wonderful go-togethers.


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