Vend-a-Kard Postcards

Vend-A-Kard postcards were introduced in 1949. They were postcards made to be sold in sets from vending machines. The Vend-A-Kard name, shown above was printed at the bottom of the message section on the back of the card.

I found two brief articles about Vend-a-Kards that were published in Billboard Magazine on the Internet. The first article is dated July 16, 1949 and is titled Vend-a-Kard to Intro New Automatic Post Card Unit. An automatic console post card vender, developed by O. W. Wahlstrom of Texas, which displayed 32 full-color cards was being introduced by Vend-a-Kard, Inc. Four postcards appeased simultaneously in framed windows on the face of the vender. The four cards remained stationary for 3½ seconds, then changed to the second series and so on thru the 32-card total. Customers could deposit 25 cents¢ in coins o obtain a packet containing five (?) cards. The cards displayed in each window formed complete sets so that the customer could choose his packet by pushing the delivery button corresponding to the window display.

The Vend-a-Kard company was planning to follow a procedure of franchising operators and then making up special card series for the operator’s particular locale. The first series of scenic postcards was expected to be tested in New Orleans. The July 16 article described a vender that was 63 inches high. The second article, dated October 1, 1949, described a 14 inches high counter card vender, selling packets of eight cards for 25 cents. The company intended to have a national consumer advertising program, but it is not known how many locales actually sold the Vend-a-Kards or for how long.

Below are two unused Florida Vend-a-Kards that I have found. The cards are numbered in the lower left corner of the back. The Billboard articles implied that the cards were to be made by facilities of McCormick-Armstrong, Wichita, Kansas. However, the backs of these postcards state that they were made by Mercury Lithographing company of Miami, Florida.

vintag Miami Beach postcard


123 FLORIDA MOTEL – Where modest vacations are spent in luxurious surroundings.



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One Response to Vend-a-Kard Postcards

  1. thesnailmail says:

    I love the concept! I think it could be effective for chip vending machines in hotels & rest stops (among other places) to stock packages of postcards. I think the novelty could drive purchases, and many people holding postcards might actually end up MAILING some of them! I guess another slot of the machine should have books of stamps…


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