Postcards Boosted Cities


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Booster Post Cards
to Tell Fame of City

Thousands of Miles of Postals
Will Spread Renown of Minneapolis.

Trainloads to Be Mailed From Here
During Civic Celebration Week.

Scenes of Falls and Lakes
Will Be Among Those Sent Out.

Thousands and thousands of miles of postcards that, if placed side by side, would extend several times across the United States—postcards that will show only the brighter side of life an Minneapolis—will this summer spread the fame of Minneapolis over the entire world.

Trainloads of postcards wil1 be mailed from here this summer during the Civic celebration and the summer conventions, while lake dwellers already have shown their appreciation of the many new views which are being placed in the market by the enterprising postcard firms which are preparing for such a season as they never before have experienced. Everyone sends postcards, they say, and for this reason Minneapolis stores have been stocked with hundreds of different views, all showing scenes in and about the city.

The picture postcard industry has grown from a mere trifling experiment of an itinerant photographer to an immense business which has encircled the globe, and has passed from the comic stage into a serious publicity means which more and more is being appreciated by enterprising resorts and cities of the world. Advancement in the art of photography and reproduction has reduced the cost of manufacture also, so that cards which a few years ago sold at three for a quarter, now are on sale at all stores at 10 cents a dozen.

Postcards in High Favor

Postcards are a favored means of communication in times of conventions and other gatherings, as they enable the busy visitor to communicate with his friends without spending any great amount of his time in letter writing.

Postcard publicity campaigns have been waged in many cities, perhaps the most auspicious one being that of the Denver chamber of commerce, which has just mailed over 500,000 postcards to every part of the globe. The pictures were typical of Denver and its neighborhood and the western municipal fishermen are confident the postcard is the best bait for attracting tourists and residents to the West that yet has been devised.

Minneapolis always has been regarded as one of the centers of the picture postcard industry. More beautiful lakes and summer resorts, more palatial structures, more picturesque landscapes and more interesting industrial views can be found here than in most other cities and artists have taken advantage of the fact, with the result that Minneapolis views have become among the greatest factors in advertising Minneapolis away from here.

Artists Come Here

Artists from all over the world, attracted by the landscapes and lake views sent out of here, have made Minneapolis their mecca, and a large staff of artists continually is preparing new views to satisfy the ever growing demand of the art loving tourists who visit the Twin Cities annually.

Perhaps the pioneer in the exploitation of the artistic setting of Minneapolis was the late Arus Williams, who for many years rambled from lake to lake and resort to resort with his heavy cameras, and whose artistic photographs have been copied and exhibited by moving picture film makers and as artistic lantern slices in many countries. Mr. Williams came here from the East when Minneapolis was in her infancy, and his photographic reproductions were for many years the only ones. He photographed Lake Minnetonka in all its moods and caprices. When the postcard novelty became a fad Williams was the first to place his views on the market, and many lake resorts which now are appreciated by Minneapolitans first were discovered and described by the camera of the artist.

Minnehaha Falls 1911 Civic Celebration Postcard

Falls Pictured Thousand Times

Since that time photographers without number have traversed fields and resorts in and about the Twin Cities. Minneahaha Falls has been pictured thousands of times. Hundreds of new views of Lake Minnetonka and its beautiful summer lounging places have been made and scattered broadcast over the world. Minneapolis parks, drives and boulevards have come in for their share, while the lesser lakes, such as Calhoun, Harriet and Lake of the Isles have been favorites with the post card men.

Lakes Calhoun, Harriet and Lake of the Isles are receiving especial attention from the photographers this year because of the great Civic Celebration to be held in commemoration of the linking of lakes, and these views will add materially to the large number of beautiful scenes in and about Minneapolis.

St. Paul is not omitted. New views of Como park, yachting views from White Bear lake,, Wildwood scenes and pictures of the majestic Mississippi, Fort Snelling and its historic abutments are included. The whole will go to make a campaign of publicity which will spread Minneapolis’ fame over the entire world and will not cost Minneapolis a cent. Instead it will be profitable, as the biggest makers of post cards are Minneapolis institutions, employing Minneapolis people, and every cent spent for post cards is left right here in Minneapolis.

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