Seventeen Heaven

SEVENTEEN HEAVEN was a dream room designed especially for teens. It was exhibited at the National Home Furnishings Show, Aug. 25 through Sept. 9, 1956 at the New York Coliseum. The back of this postcard invited you to read about it in the September issue of Seventeen Magazine.

The latest theory on interior decorating was that rooms could be personalized to suit their occupants. This attic living-bedroom, designed for two teenage girls, featured “Seventeen” wallpaper and matching fabric with a teen motif. The color scheme was pastel pink and turquoise, accented with colorful throw pillows.

The room was furnished with two studio couches and a neat storage wall that included two desks, double dressers, and book shelves. There were also extra chairs, a music and “TV” corner, and a special bin for extra bedding, A telephone, sewing machine, and typewriter were among the objects in view.


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