French New Year “Carte Postale” Postcard


Bonne Année — Happy New Year

I especially like this French New Year postcard because it is a postcard showing a postcard.

The postcard (Carte Postale) held by the lady has the greeting “Le gui est un Porte-Bonheur” (Mistletoe is a lucky charm). Mistletoe frames the top half of the card. It is hard to tell what the lady is holding, but it is probably a small bunch of mistletoe.

The shield near the bottom has this greeting in French:

S’il est vrai qu’il porte bonheur
C’est avec joie que je l’adresse
J’y tous les vœux de mon cœur
Mes baisers et mille tendresses.

Translation (courtesy of Google):

If it is true that it carries happiness (is lucky)
It is with joy that I address
I wish you all my heart
My kisses and a thousand tendernesses.

Bonne Année — Happy New Year


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