Boys’ World Sunday School Paper


This postcard has an unusual design on the address side. Father Time is showing a young boy a book with the dates 1902 and 1903 on adjacent pages. The book is resting on a cornucopia overflowing with packages labeled HAPPINESS, HEALTH, SUCCESS, and  CONTENT.

The other side of the postcard announced that the New Year’s number of the Boys’ World weekly paper would be given out in Sunday School on Sunday January 4, 1903. Boys’ World was one of several Christian papers published by David C. Cook Publishing Co. The paper was described as “a large, four-column, eight-page, illustrated paper, printed in colors . . . full of stories, incidents, and news on subjects in which boys are interested.”


The David C. Cook Publishing Co. sold a wide variety of Sunday School supplies. Their large 1908 Annual Catalogue is online here. Page 13 of that catalogue has an image of a Boy’s World issue. At that time it was stated that “It is less than six years since the Boys’ World and the Girls’ Companion were started. They now go to more than a million readers.”


The catalogue had a variety of types of post cards: holiday, teachers’, bible text, birthday, cradle roll, and presidential. Christmas Novelty post cards on page 76 included letters from Santa and hold-to-lights. The Presidential Post Cards were sold in a set of 25, one card for each President,  tied with red, white, and blue ribbon.

 The David C. Cook Publishing Company was founded in 1875 and merged with another company in 2016. There is a website at


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