The Month of December


This postcard shows a calendar of December 1911. It is part of a monthly calendar series used for advertising.  The name of the advertiser, Goldberg Bowen & Co., appears at the bottom of the front and with the advertising message on the back. Goldberg Bowen & Co. was an early San Francisco, California grocery company. The postcard is Copyright 1910 by Johnston Dienstag  Ayres, S.F., a well known advertising agency. It was published by Edward H. Mitchell, San Francisco, California.

The front of the postcard tells about the month of December and its name:

In the Roman calendar this was the tenth month, the Latin word for ten being Decem. It was a month of Festivals, the principal one being the Feast of Saturnalia, when all work ceased and everyone, even the slaves, celebrated, without restraint.


The back of the postcard has suggestions for remembering friends at Christmas with the “good things” you can get from Goldberg, Bowen & Co.


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