The Wishbone


Breaking the wishbone of a turkey on Thanksgiving is a popular holiday tradition. Two people hold opposite ends of the bone and pull until the bone breaks. The person who ends up holding the biggest piece is the lucky one, whose wish will be granted.

The wishbone tradition is believed to have originated with the Romans, who pulled apart chicken clavicles, hoping for good fortune. In America. the Pilgrims began using turkey bones, and the tradition became associated with Thanksgiving. The term “wishbone” came into use in the mid 19th century.

This postcard is copyright 1910 and was published by P. F. Volland Co., Chicago. The design has elements of both the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau styles. The flat natural-looking cardstock, limited colors, and typography are characteristics of Arts and Crafts style postcards. The sinuous lines are suggestive of Art Nouveau.

About postcardy

I am a longtime postcard collector who has been creating websites and blogs based on my postcard collection since 1998.
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