Sroda’s Turkey Farm


Sroda’s Turkey Farm was located in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin. Below is the information printed on the back of the postcard.


Sroda’s Turkey Farm was operated by George Sroda and his wife. A 1948 article in The Milwaukee Sentinel (digitized by Google) reported that the farm had been in operation for four years. The farm occupied two acres on the edge of the village. Strict sanitation made it a showplace.

The young birds first lived inside under hovers with lights on day and night to keep the birds from piling up in warm corners of the brooder pens. When they were ready, the birds were moved outside and lived in  two long shelters built about five feet above the ground. One third of each pen was covered for night roosting. The rest was slatted with one inch boards spaced an inch apart. Lights stayed on day and night for protection and for visibility by tourists on the highway passing the farm.

Most of the turkeys were female broad-breasted bronze, a type which made a meaty bird of 70 per cent white meat. When dressed for the oven, they weighed 10 to 12 pounds. Some of the birds were also  cut into pieces and made into small packages. Still another way of selling the turkey was as turkey steaks made in a cube steak machine of light and dark pieces put together.

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